Terms & Conditions

  • 5 days duration to place order & clear payment before BATCH closing date (Every Wed-Sun).
  • READY STOCK: Posting item(s) takes 1-3 days after closing date.
  • PRE-ORDER: Posting item(s) takes 2-3 weeks after closing date.
  • Will inform if got any changes on delivering item(s).
  • Survey item(s), fill up form, get confirmation of the item(s). (will reply within 24hrs)
  • Once confirm, proceed payment and attach payment receipt as a proof. 
  • Payment only within 48hrs after received a confirmation.
  • Will announce once posting done.
  • Check your item(s) ID based on posting date.
  • Do let us know when you RECEIVED/NOT RECEIVED the item(s).
  • Sold item(s) are not REFUNDABLE or EXCHANGEABLE. All are FINAL.
  • Money are not RETURNABLE upon cancellation.
  • 50% deposit are required for PRE-ORDER item(s).